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Madhyaratra by V. S. Khandekar

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The stories in this book evoke the young minds, each story makes them pensive. The stories have the same revoking power for the older minds too. Parents, teachers, elders all around are responsible for the implementation of rites and rituals on the tender minds. Even reading is responsible for the same. Through all this each child graspss. Something understands something and accepts something’s. Each worships ideals. Each accepts some moral values. But what if the young mind comes across such situation where it witnesses the other side? When it sees the elders behaving exactly opposite? Then the images of the ideals shatters in their tender minds. Their universe starts shaking. They get confused. Is every good thing a lie? A hypocracy? Then, what is the truth? At such moments, many a times they come across light, they find a ray of hope penetrating through the hig walls of this hypocracy. Somebody comes forward and hold their tender fingers, shows them the true way to good... V. S. Khandekar`s stories have the same impact on the young minds. They show way to these bewildered minds, they help to balance the confused minds, through stories or through meteors. Sometimes appearing casual, sometimes jokingly sometimes childishly....