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Lajja by Taslima Nasreen

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This novel written by Taslima Nasreen, a citizen of Bangladesh reveals the staunch religion and the inhuman treatment by one man to another. Dutt Family is the citizen of Bangladesh. It includes Sudhamay Babu, Kiranmayee, and their two children Suranjan and Maya. In Bangladesh all the Hindus undergo severe torture from the majority, but this Hindu family stands firmly against it and prefers not to leave their motherland. Sudhamay Babu is an atheist, but a personality full of patriotism, hopes and ideals. He relies on the feeling that his motherland will never ditch him. On 6th December 1992, some religious people burnt Babari Masjid in India. The world protested against it. But, the effects in the neighbouring country Bangladesh were devastating. They found a real reason for the torture of Hindus. Dutt family falls prey to this torture. Their family is shattered; their small universe is turned upside down after this. This novel is based on the harsh truth of the bloody mentalities of the so called fundamentalists. It reveals the true story of terrorism in this modern age. It makes us introspect ourselves.