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Krantisurya by Vishwas Patil

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During the year 1942 Nana Patil who had established Quasi Government in Satara, was the biggest headache for the British Government. Nanasaheb Patil had many qualities. He was a great orator, a visionary social worker, the captain of the forward thinkers, the warrior of the united Maharashtra movement, a pioneer of Marxism in Maharashtra. He had a great personality. He was totally shaped from this soil. His competency was unique. Since childhood, Nanasaheb was very naughty. Once when he was lost in a fair he told the policeman that his granny was lost, and when finally they were reunited he scolded her for getting lost in the fair. He had the guts to make the people think, he questioned them that "was the god owned by "them`?` He joined the Satyashodhak Movement and strove hard for the social welfare. Later on, he struggled for the Freedom movement. After marriage, he taught his wife to read and write. His contribution towards the freedom struggle was so great that people always helped him to stay away from the clutches of the British Government. The Satara movement during those days consisted of many underground groups; a few to name were the Kisan Veer at Satara, Vasant Dada at Padmale, Baburao Charankar and Ganpatrao Patil at Bilashi, Barde Guruji at Vategaon, etc. But the Quasi-Government at Kundal was the most strong of them all. Kundal was the capital of the Quasi-Government then. At the same time, today not only Nanasaheb but his work also has been forgotten by we Indians. He sacrificed himself for our freedom and we have totally neglected him. After freedom, Nanasaheb turned towards Marxism but that is not a reason to forget his sacrifice. Let us remember the great deeds by him.