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Kingpin by Burt Hirschfeld, Edwin Fadiman

Kingpin by Burt Hirschfeld, Edwin Fadiman

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Napoleon Cruz is a ruthless kingpin in the cocaine trade controlling the main supply-line into the United States. He is a man of obsessive ambition whose greed and lust have driven him to murder and cheat his way to the top. Now he has the power to conquer a town, a nation, and eventually half a world.

Jack Keveny is a tough New York City detective promoted to an elite Federal team charged with winning the vicious war against the drug syndicates. He too knows ambition and must find the power to put an end to Cruz's operations.

Amid the violence, international conspiracy and double-dealing comes Nina Fuents, a beautiful, exotic woman of deadly charm. Through her the two men become caught in a bizarre triangle of lust - their lives fatally intertwined
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