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Khelani Vidnyanachi by D. S. Itokar

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Mr. Itokar has developed and designed this book especially to train the young minds in the field of science and to make them aware of the various theories of science in a stress free environment. It is really going to be a wonderful experiment for the kids to design almost 50 scientific toys all by themselves and to enjoy playing with them. This will not only entertain them but also introduce them to the various aspects of science. A few to name are: Jelly fish in the water, the boat running on the water surface, the floating fish, safe siphon, the growing bubbles, the doll in water, parrot in the cage, plants turn towards sunlight, jumping spring, the funny joker, helicopter, hot air is light, torch running on kerosene, electrical images, jumping balloon, the honeybee, the round fountain of water, the phases of moon, and so on.