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Kelyane Hot Ahe Re by Sanjeev Paralikar

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cess, luck and destiny have always remained debatable subjects. We easily blame "luck` or "destiny` especially when we do not get success in spite of our sincere hard work. Question arises, Are people born "Lucky`? Are people destined for success? Does "destiny` exist? I neither know answers of these questions nor would like to find them out. Answers to these questions are seldom useful to my progress. But what I do know is very simple. What is that Attitude and which are those Skills (which normally are ignored) which if learnt if imbibed prpperly and manifested in our day to day life then "Luck` & `Destiny` will have no other option than to favour you. I have shared my experiences in this book. I am sure you will like it. If you imbibe it then your "Luck` or "Destiny` may tilt towards you.