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Karmachari by V P Kale (vapu)

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YOU: Wait in the queue patiently for hours together, be it the queue for milk, or ration, or sugar, or tickets at a cinema hall or bus….. yet never losing your patience. You end up catching a moving train; you risk your life to avoid the late mark; you listen to the torture and unavoidable criticism from your boss, you drink the tasteless canteen tea, you face many troubles at your home front, you tolerate everything, you stand firmly against the many hollow things in your life, you tolerate the walkouts, the march, the curfew, the hunger strike; everything; Still; You laugh, you make others smile, you play in the train while standing, you talk about your political views earnestly, you try to cheat others innocently just for the sake of the pleasure, you enjoy the bait for the tasteless cup of tea, you are simply great, you are a true `Karmachari` or employee. Actually, in no way this is a collection of short stories. Precisely speaking, it is a mirror in which everybody peeps, be it the peon or the headclerk, be it the first day of someone`s job or the last day of someone`s career, it teaches everybody to love all, to share all your good things with others.