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Janglatil Diwas by Vyankatesh Madgulkar

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I am a typically capricious person. I enjoy being aloof from the crowds and get lost in my own world. I love to pursue things that satisfy me the most and I see myself as the pursuer. We often wish to have a long quiet moment adorning our life, yes, we all do! But then, we are equally bound by the limitless expectations from life. Willingly or unwillingly, we have to start earning and spend all our energy and enthusiasm in keep life going. Our lives are entangled with the terrible speed that the world has. Everything has become mechanical and we cannot deny being a part of it. We have forgotten to enjoy the starlight, listen to the soft rustling of the leaves, bathe in the spring, watch the starry sky…and many other things. I am in no way an ornithologist or a botanist. Yet, buried deep in my mind is my infatuation about the jungles. My quirky mind often ponders over this mysterious world. It is a neverending thirst that I have about this particular life. Here is a brief stating my curiousity. If any of you readers is inspired with these jungle stories and sets towards jungles in search of the vastness, richness and beauty of wilds, then it will surely be a wonderful thing.