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J R D Ek Chaturastra Manus by Madhuri Shanbaug

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J. R. D. Tata is the first to be felicitated with the highest award, `Bharat Ratna`; and he is the only industrialist upon whom this honour has been bestowed. He has always preferred the welfare of the country in comparison with personal welfare. He always feels that whatever is best for my nation is best for TATA. Today the culture of TATA has many salient features. TATA always follows principles, remembers the conscience, always cares for the hands and minds that keep the business running successfully, uses the national wealth for the welfare of the nation, and also develops the area where their industries are set. J. R. D. has always boosted new ideas, new minds. His is the lion`s share in shaping many an industrialists. He trudged along new paths; he found new ways, created new touchstones. He himself has a rich and varied heritage, cultured background, and a versatile personality. The articles in this book bring us across many aspects of his personality. What we like the most about this leading industrialist is the compassionate, connoisseur, silver-tongued and happy human in him.