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Its Always Possible by Kiran Bedi

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The Times, London: She is not a common, simple police officer; she is the Director General of Delhi Prisons. She has changed the hell at the jail into a pleasant place within a short period of seven months. It is unbelievable that this prison which was once the main hang out of the drug addicts and the corruption of police has now come out of all the bad things. The main reason behind the change is that now the jail has a petition box. The prisoners need not write their names to make the petition. This box can reveal the name of the staff members who ask for and work for bribe. This box can reveal the name of the prisoner who is selling the drugs secretly. It can also bring into light the names of the wardens who take pride in beating the prisoners. The Hindustan Times: The experts in the field of criminology believe that the wrong method of punishment leave the most wanted criminal free. The `in charge` of Tihar Prison is also of the same opinion. This was the attitude which has helped a lot in changing the tense situation in the prison. The credit goes to the joint efforts that she and her colleagues made, ceaselessly. Now the prisoners behind those tall walls of Tihar are literally without weapons. They have no need to carry the weapons now. This new ground of humanity has softened them all and has converted their evil minds to a certain extent. India Today: There is not much difference between this jail famous for its utmost security and a ladies hospital where going out at night is strictly prohibited. Very slowly you will notice the transformation of this jail into an ashram or a temple. Soon, the whole area will be filled up with the drum beats. You will hear the Bhajan sung in every ward. All the 270 women prisoners will sit down and get engrossed in the prayer. Associated Press: Tihar Central Jail is famous as the strictest jail in India. It is notorious for the drugs, the internal fights, corruption, bullying of the staff and of the criminals. But nowadays, there is some change seen in this prison. Every morning, all the prisoners gather on the huge ground of the jail for prayer and meditation. For the first time in thirty five years, the social workers are allowed in the premises of the jail. It is those social workers who arrange the guidance, meditation, vocational training, legal advice, and also entertainment programmes.