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Indian English by Jillian Haslam

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Indian.English. is Jillian Haslam’s memoir of growing up an English girl in postcolonial India. Her harrowing yet ultimately redemptive story of living in the dark squalid bylanes of Calcutta, abused and misunderstood by many, recalls the darkest moments of Angela’s Ashes and the inner turmoil of The Glass Castle. For every atrocity described in Indian.English., however, there is found a parallel kindness—a sacrifice, really—on the part of the poorest of the poor, who helped her family to survive. One cannot overlook those small, seemingly insignificant and mundane acts of human kindness. Within these humble people thrive a grace beyond description that literally saves lives every hour of every day. Such was the case with Jillian and her family, which suffered through the death of children, abject starvation, trauma and humiliation. In vivid detail, the author recounts how she learned to look for the positives embedded in the numerous challenges encountered on her path; and how to overcome adversity to be successful. This rich story of her life, of finding the road to success, and how she utilizes her wisdom and vision to help others through her foundation, vividly illustrates how and why Jillian Haslam inspires everyone she meets.