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In The Ice Caves Of Krog (Secrets Of Droon) (Secrets of Droon - 20)

In The Ice Caves Of Krog (Secrets Of Droon) (Secrets of Droon - 20)

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In The Ice Caves Of Krog (Secrets Of Droon) by Tony Abbott is the twentieth book of the famous fantasy children’s book series named Secrets Of Droon. This is the story of three kids, Eric, Neal and Julie, who accidentally find out a magical world that can be reached by secret stairs in the basement of Eric’s room. In this book they have to face the ice monster who is causing destruction in Droon.

Eric, Neal and Julie have a new trouble in this instalment of the series. It’s an ice monster who has woken up after years. They are told that he is extremely ferocious and is on a rampage. He’s hard to catch and is travelling around Droon destroying everything in his wake. Eric and his friends have to travel difficult roads to reach to the ice monster. The ice caves are difficult to find and the three don’t know which path to take to get to the ice monster. Finally, they have to answer three tricky questions in order to meet the monster. However, the mystery begins after they see the monster. The ice monster is not even close to what they expected him to be.

In The Ice Caves Of Krog (Secrets Of Droon) is in its reprint edition and was published by Scholastic Incorporated in 2003 in paperback.

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