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I Dare by Kiran Bedi

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Revised & enlarged edition with unpublished material and behindthescenes details of ‘THE CRUSADE AGAINST CORRUPTION: CHANGING PEOPLE’S DESITINY’ The saga of India’s first and the highest ranked woman officer in the Indian Police Service who pioneered a humane method of policing marked by willpower, devotion to duty, innovation, compassion and, above all, a neversaydie attitude The eyewitness account forthright and unsparing in this fully revised and updated edition provides a welldocumented exposé of the sabotage of police reforms (to be implemented as per a verdict of the Supreme Court of India) by certain bureaucrats and by some members of 106~’s own service. These persons also blocked her appointment as police commissioner. This kind of sabotage was the proverbial last straw that compelled her to ‘shake off the shackles’. After a long and rewarding innings (35 years in all), 106~ decided to move on. She believed that she could no longer work with persons who were keeping the system enslaved. She was clear in her mind that she was not going to be subordinated by this team of saboteurs. What direction and leadership would such persons provide except to create pygmies and stifle initiative and crush morale? She did not want to be a part of such dubious ‘history’. As she asserts: ‘My selfrespect, my innate sense of justice and my beliefs and values in life propelled me to throw off the “yokes” that were already obstructing my growth and I now made up my mind to set myself free and be a master of my own time.’ This is a noholdsbarred narrative packed with punch, spirit and vitality.