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How Will You Measure your Life? by Clayton Christensen

How Will You Measure your Life? by Clayton Christensen

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How Will You Measure Your Life was compiled from a speech given to students graduating from the Harvard Business School. Known for its pragmatic view to life, this book has been widely read by students in business schools, businessmen, corporate employees and by many others. The book deals with the basic questions in life, like how to be happy during the various phases life offers. The book shows a multi-faceted path to achieving the happiness that everyone craves for, from situations one faces and to the balance one needs to create in life.

The book deals with how to be successful and happy in one's career and how to maintain a well balanced family life and attain the happiness one seeks at home. It also talks about how to maintain a happy relationship with relatives and near and dear ones and how to maintain congenial relationships with colleagues and friends. It also tells readers how to make the best of business relationships. The books gives vivid answers to such questions, keeping in mind the philosophical and psychological aspects of these questions. The writings are useful to students moving out of business schools, who will face these questions as they step into their careers. It is useful for established professionals and homemakers too.

How Will You Measure Your Life was published by HarperCollins in 2012. It is available in paperback.

Key Features:


  • The book gives you answers to life's questions in a simple style.
  • It is a guidebook to a happy life.
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