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Hi Wat Ekatichi by V P Kale (vapu)

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Babi, the heroine of the novel presents the hardest philosophy of life in simplest yet the most effective way. This is a very cherishable experience. This novel starts as a love story where both the hero and heroine cross the limits and experience ecstasy before marriage. Later on events take place in such a manner that she gives birth to their child without his support and further raises the child, when he refuses to accept the child and to marry her she pulls on all by herself. This is the story of her struggle and more than that the truth that she faces alone, with courage, without bothering for the so called recognised norms of the society. She gets support from a few like her, who respect the truth more than anything. She raises her child keeping faith only on the truth, but what is her future? What is the future of her child? What does she achieve at the end? The answers to all these questions are woven beautifully along with the philosophy of life and the nakedness of human minds. We come alone, we leave alone, still during our stay over here we try to console our mind with some company