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Ha Shodh Vegla by Osho

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Kabir says, `gurudev bina jev ke kalpana na mite` The first step towards search is lack of knowledge. The ignorant lives his imaginations. Imagination is the formula for ignorance and truth is the formula for knowledge. Teacher holds you by your hand and walks you toward truth. Teacher frees you from imagination. If you walk on your own then there are 100% chances of losing your way. He already has found what you have started to search now. The distance between you and your teacher is clear, you are at the starting point and he is at the ending point. Very rarely, we come across nutty people like Kabir. But whosoever reads his `doha` actually reads his thoughts, sees his devotion, and becomes one like him, crazy, nutty. Osho was one of such crazy people. He gave a new dimension to Kabir`s `doha`. He illustrated those meanings through his sermons. This is an exclusive invention by two novel crazies, Kabir and Osho.