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Gol Gol Rani by Swati Chandorkar

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Our surroundings and the happenings in them are pictured through the stories in this book. Malvika, whose life is shattered because of the blank calls, Rohan who is stuck in the web of pyramid marketing, mom who is sacrificing everything just for papa`s freedom…. We always hear or read about all these things. When some Yeshwant is trudging along the way with immense perseverance, we also try to help him as much as possible. We also witness the fall of some very successful Vija uncle. Every town and village houses people like whimsical Appa, his adjusting daughter-in-law who supports her husband and has a nature to adjust any where his daughter Nilu who is disturbed because of her family problems. These stories have them as the casts and that is why we find them so familiar and dear to us.