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Ghartyabaher by V. S. Khandekar

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A nest protects the newly hatched, wingless birds, but once the birds grow and develop wings then the same nest acts as a cage for them. We human beings feel the same way about our family, home, God, religion, love, farming, education, business etc. At a very early stage, that of a child, we find everthing beautiful. We feel protective inside our shelters. All of these above mentioned places have built and nurtured the society. But really thinking, are all these aspects useful in todays machine minded culture? The ingeniously talented and competent young people from the middle class have caged themselves. Their competency fails to cross the walls of their houses. They are confined inside their circles. They just blahblah about the political and social reformation but they do not dare to act upon it. On the contrary they ignore their duties. They just do not want to leave the secured boundaries of their nests. They have tremendous lust towards personal life and extreme dispassion towards the social life. This approach holds them from stepping on to new path. They prefer to stumble on the same path which is full of pitholes, which is full of misconceptions about education, family management, distribution of wealth, the relations between man and woman, only because of their approach to be confined to the boundaries of their house.