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Gharjawai by Anand Yadav

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Common man struggles hard to live a simple life. Many a times, his efforts to live make him piteous in others` minds. People laugh at him. Many a times, man tries to bring consistency in his surrounding for a smooth living which actually gives rise to discrepancy. This also makes a fool out of him. This type of humour always has a tinge of compassion to it. Many a times, smart people deceive innocent people for their selfishness, unknowingly, unexpectedly. A neutral person might enjoy their shrewdness and may even praise them. A smile appears on his lips for a fraction of second. Exaggeration is the soul of humour. Anand Yadav`s stories in this collection are a proof to this. His humour does not arise from the language, it is mainly related with the daytoday life. All the stories have a humourous meaning. The characters, the events, their adverse effects, all this binds together and creates humour. This humour is then fresh like a morning flower, yet throws light on the various mentalities of the people around us.