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Gammat Goshti by D. M. Mirasdar

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The wiles of Kisan the barber, who had a knack of making capital out of juicy bits of news… Narayan , the constable who took practical lessons in how to manipulate a panchnama… The special ‘sights’ seen by Patil on his way to Delhi for an exhibition… The ‘heir’ that Digunana had for performing his last rites, only because of money… Newbie teachers who kept aside their knowledge of newer teaching techniques, and went back to the old ways of ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’… The groom who got caught up in ‘Khurd’ or ‘Budruk’ rather than bridehunting… and the thief who made away with his booty right under the noses of the marriage gathering… …meet these rascally characters sketched by D. M. Mirasdar in his inimitable rustic style!