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From Russia With Love by Ian Fleming

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Name: James Bond; Height: 183 cms; Weight: 76 kg; Build: Medium; Eyes: Blue; Hair: Black; scars on right cheek and left shoulder, expert in gunmanship, excellent boxer, excellent in knife throwing; does not disguise, knows French and German languages fluently. A chain smoker; smokes special cigarettes with three golden rings. Vice: loves drinking but not an addict; loves women. There is a file on James Bond, containing all the information about him, just like all the secret service agents throughout the world. The Russian Secret Services SMARSH targets Bond, they want to kill him. They select the Russian beauty queen Tatiana Romanov for this assassination. Her job is to make James Bond come with her from England to Istanbul. The next step of the project was to be completed by her superiors. James Bond willingly enters the trap set up by SMARSH. He has two baits for himself in this dangerous game, one the beautiful Tatiana and the other Russia`s Specter Center. The end of this game is crystal clear. Death of James Bond!