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Focus Sam by Rohit Gore

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Sameer Sathe fell for seven women in his lifetime. One of them is going to save his life.

Sameer is good with books in his bookshop, but with nothing else, including growing up. He also has a problem – his once a year accidents. After his twenty fifth accident a mystic tells him that there is a curse on him and that he will be dead after his next mishap. There is a saviour – one of the women Sameer fell in love with. The issue is, though he did fall in love with many women, not many women fell in love with him.

Sameer reconnects with all the seven women. From the girl he promised to marry when they both were seven year olds (she rejected him) to the woman who broke their engagement (he thinks she did it because he hates people who don't know Stephen King). He realizes that he affected their lives profoundly, and most often in a terrible way. Sameer has just two weeks with every woman to perhaps undo the damage he caused.