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Ekalavya by Sharad Dalvi

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Shree Samartha Ramdas illustrates the characteristics of a good student as , `the wealth of a good student lies in his devotion towards his teacher, his devotion makes him as good as the teacher and ultimately gives him that eternal place`.Eklavya was the foremost of all students who learnt through his devotion and dedication towards his teacher. He was the best of all disciples. This book narrates his story. In today`s life, every moment some Eklavya takes birth from the droplet of the blood shed by that original Eklavya, when he cut his thumb. The reason for this birth varies from caste, religion, purification of mind and body, to various other reasons. At the same time, we come across the teachers like Dronacharya who have given themselves as slaves to overcome their hunger. Since the ancient age of Mahabharata, the conflict between knowledge and information was started. The knowledge seekers became self-centred, egoist, slaves and started thinking only about their needs and necessities. The main reason for the disgrace of humans was thus the knowledge which taught to be selfish, partial and which was devoid of any high morales. The origin of this story is the disgrace of humanism, everyone should read it at least once.