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Diary Of Anne Frank

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This diary by Anne Frank is one of the most valuable literatures in the world. You will not come across a single human being who has not shed tears while reading it. Anne Frank was a victim of the torture camps for the evacuation of the Jews during the Second World War. She succeeded in running away from the Nazis along with her mother, sister and other four people. They remained in hiding nearly for two years. But somehow, the Nazis found them and sent them to the torture camps. Only her father was not captivated. After Anne`s death, her diary came into the possession of her father. He published it in the year 1947, immediately it was welcomed on all levels because of its uniqueness and Anne`s peculiar writing style. She has revealed the hideousness of the torture camps in her diary, at the same time; she has very freely and innocently described the feelings in her mind during her growing years. She has written that she wants to be alive even after her death, and she was very much thankful to god for the wonderful gift of life and the ability to write a diary capturing her feelings perfectly well. During last 40 years, millions of copies of this book have been sold worldwide.