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Dhirubhaism By A.G. Krishnamurthy and Supriya Vakil

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So much is written about this world famous Indian business tycoon! He started from scrap in a very small village in Gujarat and created the vast empire of 'Reliance'. There are no suitable words to describe his achievement. He was not very qualified in terms of formal education; but still he himself was a full encyclopedia, a University. He had developed his own philosophy and culture for working. He had embraced a few principles in his life and he stood by them throughout his life; they were high aim, a will to work tirelessly and the power of commitment. Almost everybody considered his dreams to be impossible to achieve. But he continued his journey; he never set apart the principles even for a single minute. Today, we all are well aware of the magnificent success he achieved. His principles simple yet very successful are worthy of guiding common people on the way towards achievement. The author of this book A.G. Krishnamurti; is the founder-chairman of the advertising company; Mudra communication. He established this company with a small deposit of Rs. 35 thousand and one esteemed customer. Today; his company is one of the three topmost advertising companies in India. He is also the Consulting Chairman of A.G.K. Brand. He divides his time between Ahmadabad and Hyderabad. He has three daughters and one son.