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Dhind by Shankar Patil

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"By god, I did not touch wine, I did not drink it. Unnecessarily do not blame me.` As Rau Khot totally refused everyone present was astonished, they all started laughing heartily. Seeing this Rau Khot said, "Do not laugh at me, I am telling you the truth. I did not drink.` Rambhau said with a smile, "my dear, your eyes are deceiving you.` "Anna, what are my eyes saying? Now just shut up for god`s sake.` "Oh, you mean to say that we should keep quiet till you are off the hangover?` "But as I did not drink, so there is no question of a hangover!` "Are you still denying that you are having a hangover?` "Do not mention it at all. I did not even touch it, forget about having it.` One of the spectators came forward and said loudly, "if you did not even touch it, then why were you hiding?` "Oh! Now look, what are you talking about? Why do you think I was hiding?` "Yes, you were hiding on the loft, otherwise, why would you go there?` "What was I doing on the loft? What a question, I was fast asleep on the loft.` "Why so? Was there no space on the ground below?` "Why are you so concerned with it? It is none of your business. I will sleep wherever I please, be it the ground or the loft.` Listening to Rau`s dialogue everyone again started laughing heartily.