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Dahavya Rangetun by Vasundhara Kale

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We all are great fans of the writings of Vapu. His daughter carried forward his work to the best of her ability and believe me she is as good as the father. In a way, that is not surprising as she must be carrying a lot many of his ‘genes,.But hey, halt. The lineage does not end here. On the contrary, we hardly realized that the daughter has inherited some of these literary qualities from her mother as well. Yes, Vasundhara, the wife of VaPu, was a lover of words. She enjoyed reading them but she enjoyed in getting involved with them with great intensity. The present book is a compilation of her reviews of 21 dramas which were in full bloom a few years back, forty years to be precise. Many of these dramas are as fresh today as they were then. Unluckily, some have become a story of past and forgotten as well. That apart, Vasundhara has presented her views excellently well, without a prejudice in her mind. She had an observant nature. She was sure about her feelings. She was well aware of the ‘good and bad’. She was firm and did not hesitate to present her feelings. The consequences were not denied as well. She was a very good spectator and loved to watch the dramas. She preferred to be seated in the tenth row, always…the best place to see a drama from, not too close, not too far away.This book will surely bring back the loving memories of the bygone era.