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Comeback by Dave Dravecky and Tim Stafford

Comeback by Dave Dravecky and Tim Stafford

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In one of the most memorable moments of Major League Baseball, Dave Dravecky pitched a winning game—less than a year after undergoing cancer surgery on his pitching arm. But his comeback was short-lived. Just five days after his winning game, Dravecky broke his arm—and would later lose it entirely as the cancer returned.

Dave’s true comeback would come later—as a bestselling author and inspirational speaker offering strength, hope, and comfort inspired by Christian teachings and his own experience with suffering and loss. This book recounts the thrilling details of Dave’s two comebacks—from his early baseball career and brief return to the pitching mound to his ultimate triumph over adversity through unflagging determination and deep Christian faith.

Once an all-star pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, Dave Dravecky lost the deltoid muscle in his pitching arm to cancer in 1988. Defying all the odds, he came back to pitch again a year later. Just five days after a stunning performance, securing a 4-3 win for his team, Dravecky sustained two successive and devastating injuries to his arm that ended his pitching career for good.

In subsequent years, Dravecky would lose his entire arm, his left shoulder blade, and the left side of his collarbone to cancer. But whenever God closes a door, he opens a window—and the window He opened for Dave led to a career as a best-selling author. Dravecky’s award-winning first book, Comeback, sold over 650,000 copies.

An in-demand speaker, Dave is known for delivering messages of hope and inspiration—to both Christian and secular audiences. Along with his wife, Jan, Dravecky is also the founder of Dave Dravecky’s Outreach of Hope, a nonprofit organization and ministry dedicated to helping cancer survivors.

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