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Chalishinantarchi Vatchal by Dr. Subhash Dandekar

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Forties` is a very important milestone in everybody`s life. Dr. Subhash reveals here the various important aspects related to this age group. The `forties` are also responsible for many changes in our body, soul and mind. He discusses this in detail along with the other topics such as menopause, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. While doing so he skips the difficult technical part of each of the topics and makes them very simple to understand. This simplicity makes it possible to follow the guidelines he has provided to avoid the dangers of contacting these diseases. He also talks about the remedies for these diseases. He elaborates them with the examples from day-to-day life.The salient feature of this book is the section devoted to heart disease along with its various tests, surgeries, the nature of surgeries, etc.He very delicately handles the sensitive topic of `sex after forties` which is hardly discussed. He provides vital information about maintaining peace in family, avoiding old-age homes, etc. He gives detailed information about the old-age homes, adaptation procedure, will, eye-donation, body-donation, etc. making it very simple to understand these technically difficult topics. This book is the only of its type for the `over forty` age group. It will surely make their life easier to lead.