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Before Memory Fades by Fali S. Nariman

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शासन, प्रशासन आणि न्यायसंस्था यांच्यातील संबंध आणि शासनाच्या फायद्यासाठी, सत्तेचे वर्चस्व टिकवण्यासाठी न्यायालयीन निर्णयांचा राजकारण्यांकडून केला जाणारा वापर – कायदा आणि न्यायव्यवस्था यांची ढासळती प्रतिमा व प्रतिष्ठा सावरण्याचे, त्यांची विश्वासार्हता परत मिळविण्यासंबंधी केलेले उत्तम मार्गदर्शन – आणीबाणी आणि भोपाळ वायुगळती दुर्घटना यांसारख्या अनेक महत्त्वपूर्ण घटनांबाबत स्वत:ची भूमिका – आणि राज्यसभेतील कारकिर्दीचे तपशीलवार वर्णन याद्वारे प्रसिद्ध कायदेतज्ज्ञ फली नरीमन यांनी वाचकांशी साधलेला हा प्रांजळ संवाद!
Starting with his formative years, when he had the good fortune to interact with many eminent judges and advocates,659~ moves on to deal with a wide variety of important subjects, such as: The sanctity of the Indian Constitution and attempts to tamper with it. Crucial cases that have made a decisive impact on the nation, especially on the interpretation of the law. The relationship between the political class and the judiciary. The cancer of corruption and how to combat this menace. The author outlines measures to restore the now-low credibility of the legal profession. He also delineates his role in several high-profile cases. In recognition of his track record, the Government of India nominated him to the Rajya Sabha. He describes the highlights of his tenure there. Both members of the legal profession and the lay reader will find the contents informative and useful.