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Aadhunik Bhartache Preshit Swami Vivekanand by Gautam Ghosh

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The very mention of his name takes us to divine, august, lofty heights. A close observation of his life brings us more close to the Indian culture, its moral abode, its life system. His message of forbearance is the real presentation of his knowledge and wit. This quality makes him the ideal and exemplary speaker of our nation. He had targeted himself at collecting a group of `sanyasi` for the betterment of the common people around and mainly for the downtrodden. This insight proves his being as the Prophet. In today`s life also his teachings prove their truthfulness. Today, the political, social and economical environment of India is become very unclear and filthy; the religious intolerance has reached the extreme levels, people have lost their sense of mind. This makes me feel that Swami Vivekananda should take rebirth and bring the filthy world out of this chaos.