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A Lot like Love… a Li'l like chocolate By Sumrit Shahi

A Lot like Love… a Li'l like chocolate By Sumrit Shahi

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About The Book

A lot Like Love: A Li'l Like Chocolate features the story of two teenagers named Arnika and Shadab who fall in love with each other. This is apparently a rosy love story, which, in this age of social networking, blooms with the help of Blackberry and Facebook. Both were students in their 12th grade when their love story began. But soon, both started to care more and became serious and committed.

Soon, a point occurs where the love story catches a twisting turn where their love may not withstand time's wrath. Both have to fly off to different countries to pursue their ambitions and career. Shadab wishes to choose Delhi to pursue his further education and Arnika desires to pursue her career in New York.

Further the book tells that both are distanced by their ambitions and goals. Despite both being large distances away from each other, they promise to be together and work a way out for their relationship for what appears to be an easy to handle long distance relationship. Will the love still be lively like before?

The novel A Lot Like Love: A Li'l Like Chocolate was published in 2011 and it is available in paperback.

Key Features

  • With being on a romantic genre on the main line, it also has endless hilarious moments that can be enjoyed gladly though a teenager's point of view.
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