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A Call To Honour by Jaswant Singh

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Jaswantsingh`s uniqueness was imprinted during the reign of Bharatiya Janata Party`s Rashtriya Lokshahi Aghadi. The most prominent of his work was the way he handled the chaos after the nuclear program and tests conducted under it. Not only this, he succeeded in making America understand India`s stand on the nuclear fronts. This book casts a light on this very fact.This book also includes various sensitive matters which were not brought into open till today, such as formation of Pakistan, nuclear bomb, Sardar Vallbhbhai Patel`s warning to Pandit Nehru 12 years prior to the attack from China, the recording of Musharraf`s secret plans, the real situation behind the rescue of the hijacked Indian aeroplane, Kargil war, the attack on the parliament, India`s protection, the dangers and the cognizance, etc. Though based on politics; this book is really a very thrilling one.